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Consult it with someone who has both vendor and ISP perspective! 

Made by ISP

Comprehensive support

Peace of mind

Developed in Poland, EU

Why would you consider us to be your ONT supplier?


Over 20 years in ICT industry as an ISP

We know what your struggles are, from the first-person view - besides being Vendor, we are also ISP in the south of Poland.

Focused on reliability

By using failure-free devices, you are showing how reliable you are. Leox just happens to have a failure frequency under 0,01%.

We are bringing peace of mind

By providing flawless solutions, to satisfy you, your team and your customers.  

Customer service

We respond as soon as possible, most often within 24h. Our experience, lets us solve problems sometimes even in a few minutes.

Dedicated software

We consider your requests when it comes to developing dedicated features and specific requirements.

Not only Vendor

Besides developing ONT Leox, we are also sharing our engineering knowledge, advising and providing network equipment such as OCP servers.

Our Products

We have worked on some Awesome Projects that are worth boasting of.


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • “At Fiberhost, in order to provide customers with high quality services and achieve low network maintenance costs, we use top-class solutions.
    By creating software, preparing dedicated functions and providing professional support, LeoLabs has proven that ONT LEOX is a telco-grade solution.”
    Karol Kowalik, PhD - Technology Development Manager, Fiberhost S.A.
  • Our Network Administrators brought ONT LEOX, because of great support and high level of interoperability (we have various OLT Vendors in our network, so it matters most when it comes to choose ONT).
    Turns out, I don't have to be worried about supply chain as well, because LeoLabs offers great conditions, when it comes to stock reservation and always delivers a shipment on schedule.”
    Grzegorz Osikowski - Logistics Manager, Syrion sp. z o.o.